How to use silicone rubber heating belt correctly?

- Nov 04, 2020-

How to use silicone rubber heating belt correctly?

The electric heating belt made of silicone rubber has strong adhesion in use and can effectively close to the body need to be heated. This kind of electric heating belt is generally equipped with an adjustable thermostats, and is usually used for barrels and tanks. In actual applications, the electric heating belt can be used for a long period of time, generally in winter or when the ambient temperature is relatively low. Therefore, relatively speaking, when not in use, the heating belt It is especially important to carry out reasonable maintenance. This method can effectively extend the service life of silicone rubber.
When using heating cables, you should pay attention to the following points:

QQ20191123130042(1) When installing the heating belt, the flat side (no temperature control device surface) of the heating belt should be close to the heating medium or pipeline and the surface of the tank body, and the spring buckle or Velcro should be used to fix it;
(2) In order to prevent heat loss, a layer of insulation should be added outside the heating tape;
(3) It is strictly forbidden to wind and install the heating tape. This will cause the heat to not be dissipated and cause the temperature to be too high and cause damage;
(4) Do not pull the power cord configured on the heating belt with force;
(5) The temperature control device on the heating belt is used for temperature control and cannot be disassembled at will;
(6) The power cord must be disconnected from the power supply when not in use, because the heating belt does not forcefully close the switch;
(7) The temperature should be adjusted so that the liquid can flow out easily.

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Oil drums are containers commonly used in factories or chemical industries. For example, when loading grease, asphalt, paint, wax products, petroleum jelly and other fluids, due to its unique low-temperature solidification characteristics, it causes great difficulties in suction or discharge. Especially in cold weather, this phenomenon is particularly prominent. The application of electric heating belt made of silicone rubber material can completely solve this problem and can be used well. After being energized, the electric heating belt emits even heat on the inner wall to heat the material in the barrel to reduce the viscosity, so that the material can be discharged or flowed out easily.