How to use electric heated gloves better?

- Oct 22, 2020-

How to use electric heated gloves better?
Nowadays, the improved gloves are more and more popular! It is popular because it brings warmth and health to people in winter! A small pair of gloves should have such a big effect. Is that bragging? No, it's speaking with facts.

Electric gloves are the crystallization of high-tech development. The founder of bending resistant electric heating products in China, has developed a new type of electric gloves based on its strong scientific and technological strength, excellent design and production team. This kind of electric gloves adopts the principle of electric heating technology. According to the physiological characteristics of human body, it is made of new composite fiber materials developed by the company. As soon as the products come into the market, they are recognized by consumers and warmly welcomed.

Because of the unique heating layer of the electric gloves, it can accurately heat, so that the wearer will not feel the cold of the fingers in the cold outdoor. On the contrary, because of the good heating device, the whole hand is well heated, and the fingers can stretch freely and warm. But you have to know, no matter what kind of product, you have to think about it

It plays a role, but also pay attention to its use method, so what problems should we pay attention to when using electric gloves?

First of all, it should be done according to the requirements of the manual. Secondly, do not use it when the ambient temperature is higher than 18 ℃ and the humidity is greater than 80%. When washing, pay attention not to use solvent scrubbing. When using machine washing, use a net bag to wash, so as to prevent scratches. Good use and maintenance methods will let your electric gloves, bring you more warmth, must pay attention to.