How to use and maintain the radiant heating element?

- Nov 12, 2020-


  1. Long-term over-temperature and over-load use are prohibited.

  2. When the furnace temperature is higher than 400 ℃, no rapid cooling is allowed.

  3. Do not touch the radiant tube during loading and discharging.

  4. When the furnace is working, always pay attention to whether the traffic lights on the control panel are normal, and the traffic lights should be exchanged once after a period of time during heat preservation to avoid burning the radiant tube due to the failure of the control switch.

  5. Always pay attention to the working conditions of the instrument and find that the furnace temperature and the indicator's indication are abnormal.

  6. For furnaces with a capacity of more than 100KW, each heating zone should be equipped with an ammeter for inspection, and each phase of the three-phase high temperature electric furnace should have an ammeter.



   1. After using for three to four months, take out the radiant tube, pour out the dust in the radiant tube, turn the radiant tube over 180 degrees and use it.

   2. Pay attention to the positive and negative poles of the radiant tube, exchange the positive and negative poles every three to April.

   3. After pulling out the radiant tube, when disassembling the terminal, be careful not to hit or knock the lead rod.

   4. The bolts leading out the terminal clamp are prone to oxidation and loosening, and should be checked and tightened regularly.