How to save energy for thick film heater?

- Jul 05, 2020-

How to save energy for thick film heater

With the development of electrical appliances in recent years, the power needs of thick film heaters are increasing. Power consumption, high operating costs, should be considered from the following aspects, as far as possible to reduce energy.

(1) Reasonable design of air volume and temperature rise. According to the calculation of air flow rate and temperature rise, the power of thick film heater is obtained. Under the premise that the air volume and temperature rise are already needed, it is not suitable to use the excessive air volume and temperature rise. Because the air volume is too large, the temperature rises, and the power of the thick film heater is too large, the energy consumption increases. It doesn't take much wind or temperature to rise. Reasonable design should be considered, the parameters obtained.

(2) The surface of thick film heater should be added to the insulation layer. Most manufacturers only use thick film heaters to heat the outlet pipes of electric heaters, but do not heat treatment on the surface of electric heaters. The data show that increasing the insulation layer on the surface of electric heater can reduce energy consumption, which is considerable in the long term. The power plant owner should add insulation layer to the pipeline when installing thick film heater.

(3) Reduce the pressure loss of the thick film heater. The air that needs to be heated flows through the electric air heater, creating pressure loss. The greater the pressure loss, the greater the energy consumption of the fan. The structure of thick film heater is improved to reduce pressure loss.