How to Maintain Stainless Steel Electric Band Heater

- Aug 11, 2020-

First, because the stainless steel band heater is a product that is very easy to freeze and crack, you must do a good job of anti-freezing protection in winter, to ensure the normal use. 


Second, during the rainy season, when it is found that less sand and soil covering the water pipes, it must be filled in time to avoid freezing the water pipes of the stainless steel electric band heater due to the thin soil layer.


Third, when the electric band heater is frozen, we should wrap the frozen area with a hot towel until it can return to normal, instead of directly blanching it with boiling water which will cause damage to the heater.


Fourth, we must also clean and maintain the stainless steel electric band heater regularly. When there is more dust, we must clean it up in time.