How to install carbon fiber quartz tube heater?

- Apr 22, 2020-

The carbon fiber quartz tube heater mostly is a screw-type quartz heater. Before the installation, there are 3 steps preparation required,

1. Check whether the appearance of the heating tube and the position of the screw are damaged;

2. Screw a nut to the required position and wait for installation;

3. The power cord needs to be crimped with O-type terminal blocks to wait for installation.

installation steps:

Measure the hole position of the installation clip, use a 4mm drill to punch a hole on each end, the distance of the installation space is based on actual needs, and there is no problem with the left and right deviation of 5mm;

After the holes are drilled, use rivets or 4mm screws to fix the mounting clip to the installation position;

After the installation clip is installed, the heating tube is stuck in the installation clip;

Place a washer next to the nut that was previously screwed in place;

After installing the heating tube, connect the power cord to the screw, and screw another set of gaskets and nuts into position;

When the two nuts are close, it is necessary to use both hands to wear gloves to tighten the double nuts in the opposite direction. This step is more critical. If the loose contact is loose, it is easy to catch fire and burn the screw. In this step, it is strictly prohibited to tighten with a wrench. It is very easy to unscrew the screw when the wrench is tightened.