How to heat the PTC heater

- Nov 23, 2020-

How to heat the PTC heater

Types of PTC heaters:

1. Ordinary and practical PTC ceramic heaters. This kind of appliances mainly include: electric mosquito repellent, hand warmers, dryers, electric heating plates, electric irons, electric soldering irons, electric heating adhesives, curling irons, etc. Its characteristics are The power is not large, but the thermal efficiency is high and practical.

 2. Automatic constant temperature type PTC heater. This kind of appliances mainly include: small crystal device constant temperature bath, constant temperature incubator, electronic thermos,   incubator, thermos cup, insulation tray, insulation cabinet, insulation table, etc. It is characterized by automatic heat preservation, simple structure, good constant temperature characteristics, high thermal efficiency, and wide ambient temperature range.   

3. Hot air PTC heaters. This type of hot air PTC heaters mainly include: small warm air heaters, hair dryers, warming machines, dryers, drying wardrobes, clothes dryers, industrial drying equipment, etc.  Its characteristic is to output hot air High power, rapid heating, safety, and can automatically adjust air temperature and power consumption.

PTC Thermal Resistor -

The ptc electric heater heater uses forced convection to heat the room temperature. Because the heat transfer coefficient of forced convection air is dozens of times that of natural convection, the heat exchange area required to transfer the same heat can be as small as one tenth. The 100-120W ptc electric heater assembly can be made into a small volume of 24×15×2.2mm3. This is the key to making the ptc electric heater heater small and light under the same power situation. Its volume and The weight can be as small as about one-fifth of the same power electric oil heater. Aging attenuation is one of the most important parameters to measure the quality of ptc electric heater heaters. The aging speed of ptc electric heater elements is the fastest in the first 400 hours of use, and then it becomes smoother. After 1000 hours of continuous operation, a good ptc electric The output power of the heater element attenuates by about 10%, and then stabilizes, which has little effect on the heating function of the ptc electric heater heater. There are many factors that affect the aging and attenuation of ptc electric heaters. The higher Curie point is the main reason. The higher the Curie point, the faster the aging, but with the passage of time, the aging attenuation is obvious.