How to grill the bread with a toaster?

- Apr 01, 2020-

Everyone knows that the simplest and nutritious breakfast is bread, but it is often difficult to go out and buy milk bread early in the morning. With a toaster, you can put the slice of bread you bought back the next day into it. As long as you brush your teeth and wash your face, you can enjoy a nutritious breakfast with your family. Can bake 2 slices of bread at the same time (the bread machine generally can only bake 2 slices)


1. Use the toaster on a flat, clean, fixed surface!

2. Turn on the power, press the "switch" function key, and set the "bread color controller" to the "3-4" position. After 120 seconds, the baking is completed and ready to eat.

3. After selecting the degree of baking, put the bread in the slot, and press the "switch" function key, you can use one of the slots to bake a piece of bread.

4. Once the selected baking level is reached, the bread will pop out automatically.

5. During the baking process, press the cancel button to stop baking.

6. If the bread is stuck, disconnect the power before removing the bread. (Never use a metal object to remove bread slices with power applied)

7. "1"-"7" indicates that the bread baking color is light to thick.

8. After use, clean up the scraps.

9. If you need to recycle, the interval should be 30 to 60 seconds!