How to Fix the Heating Tube?

- Jun 08, 2020-

1. Fasteners

The way to fix the heating tube is to punch holes (plate punching) on the side wall of the box, and then thread through the board and tighten with screws.

2. Screw thread

Use a round female ring) welded to the container that are perforated, and the threaded flange heating tube is directly screwed on the ring.

3. Flange fixing

After determining the parameters of the flange, fixing the flange plate and the flange with bolts, then fix it with a gasket. If there are other special sealing requirements, it can weld and seal on the basis of fixing.


The above fixed heating tube methods are convenient for disassembling electric heating tubes.  Of course, if there are other special fixing methods, which can be customized, and the above fixed heating tube methods are for reference only.