How to do if the heating tube of the disinfection cabinet is broken?

- May 04, 2020-

The upper layer of the disinfection cabinet is generally ozone sterilized, and the temperature proves that the heating low-temperature lamp is normal. Thus knowing that the machine is operating normally. If it does not light up, it indicates that the ozone generator is malfunctioning or the ultraviolet lamp is broken.

The structure of the disinfection lamp is the same as that of our daily lighting, except that the version of the disinfection lamp is ultraviolet light, which is used to kill bacteria and play a role in disinfection. This kind of lamp requires a ballast to start working. If the ballast is damaged, the lamp will not emit light. This ballast is invisible from the outside, it is installed on the switchboard inside the disinfection cabinet. If you have some electrician experience, you can open the shell and find it on the switchboard. If you are not experienced with electrical knowledge, it is better to call an electrical repairman.