How to Determine the Center Distance of the U-shaped Heating Tube

- May 22, 2020-

The center distance is the distance between the tube and the tube. The center distance of the heating tube follows a certain standard. If the distance is too close, it will increase the difficulty of production and will also affect the service life, so what determines the center distance of the U-shaped heating tube?


It is the diameter. The diameter determines its radius, and the diameter radius determines the center distance of the U-shaped heating tube. The standard is as follows:


Pipe diameter: 8 mm R≥15  Center distance = 30 mm

Pipe diameter: 10 mm R≥20 Center distance = 40 mm

Pipe diameter: 12 mm R≥25 Center distance = 50 mm

Pipe diameter: 14 mm R≥30 Center distance = 60 mm

Pipe diameter: 16 mm R≥35 Center distance = 70 mm

Pipe diameter: 18 mm R≥40 Center distance = 80 mm

Pipe diameter: 20 mm R≥45 Center distance = 90 mm

Pipe diameter: 22 mm R≥50 Center distance = 100mm

Pipe diameter: 24 mm R≥55 Center distance = 110mm

Pipe diameter: 25 mm R≥60 Center distance = 120mm