How to choose a mold cartridge heater

- Feb 26, 2020-

一、Types of mold cartridge heater:


Generally, single-head heating tube or double-head heating tube are the ways for mould heating.Single-head heating tube is the most widely used.


二、The choice of mold cartridge heater:

1. The pipe diameter is confirmed according to the pore diameter of mould hole, the gap usually is 0.1-0.2mm between mould tube and heating tube. For example, the mould diameter is 10mm, the diameter of mould cartridge heater can be 9.8mm.

2. The length is confirmed according to the length of opening hole.

3. The material of mould cartridge heater is confirmed according to the working temperature of the mould.


三、The advantage of mold cartridge heater:

1. Convenient installation: punching on the mould and then insert the heating tube directly into the mould hole.

2. Wiring help: it can be connected in a limit space due to the structure of outgoing line at one end; several heating tubes can be used at the same time, it will not interfere with each other on performance.

3. High thermal efficiency: small volume, large power and high energy. It can raise sufficient heat in a short time.

4. High safety: high temperature resistance- nichrome wire; Filling with high-temperature insulation Mgo; better insulation and pressure proof of heating tube; stainless steel as the sheath which protect mechanical vibration.

5. Type selection: the specifications and types can be customized.