How to choose the right heating resistance wire

- Feb 22, 2020-

The core component of the electric heating tube is the electric heating wire. It is directly affects the service life of the electric heating tube. Therefore, the correct choice of the electric heating wire is the key to guarantee the service life of the heating pipe.


There are two types of common electric heating wires: iron chromium aluminum wire and nickel chromium wire


First, iron chromium aluminum wire


1. Advantages: iron chrome aluminum wire is used at high temperature, the use temperature can be 1400 degrees, long service life, high surface load, good oxidation resistance, high resistivity, cheap price, etc.

2. Disadvantages: low-temperature strength, plasticity increases with increasing temperature, easy deformation, hard bending and repairing.


Second, nickel chromium wire


1. Advantages: the high temperature strength is higher than iron chromium aluminum, it is not easy to deform at high temperature, its structure is not easy to change, good plasticity, easy to repair, high emissivity, non-magnetic, strong corrosion resistance, long service life, etc.

2. Disadvantages: Due to the scarce nickel metal materials, the price is several times higher than iron chromium aluminum, and the use temperature is lower than iron chromium aluminum.