How to choose the cable type for pipeline electric heater

- Oct 13, 2019-

In actual engineering application, how should we choose a suitable electric heater cable, this should be carefully analyzed according to the specific situation, from the technical and economic considerations, generally there are several principles for selecting the type of electric heater.

First of all, if it is in the oil and gas separation area, there are several types of ground oil pipelines, pipelines for oil and gas separation buffer tanks, natural gas separation equipment, and level gauges, and the temperature control requirements are relatively high. Therefore, constant power Electric heater cable. The liquid level gauge generally uses a single-phase constant-power electric heater cable, and the other types use a three-phase constant-power electric heater belt. In this way, a set of explosion-proof power distribution boxes and temperature controllers can be used. Unified control, but it is worth noting that the selected distribution box, junction box, temperature controller and other things must meet the explosion-proof requirements, and no accidents can occur.

If heat tracing is applied to the water tank or water pipe far from the explosion-proof area, because the heated body is not concentrated, the temperature control requirements are not high. As long as the temperature can be maintained within a certain range, the required The design requirements, in this case, generally choose self-controlling temperature electric heater belt, because this kind of electric heater belt can be used without things such as distribution box and temperature controller, which can save a lot of expenses.

If there are more areas in the bend. Where it may be necessary to install electric heater belts in a crossover or overlapping manner, naturally a constant power electric heater belt cannot be selected, but a self-controlled temperature electric heater belt is used. Constant power electric heater bands can not only cross, overlap, or cut, but self-controlling electric heater bands can be cut at will to ensure the integrity of the electric heater.