How to choose cast aluminum heating plate?

- Dec 24, 2020-

How to choose cast aluminum heating plate?


1. Price influencing factors

The cast aluminum heater is a non-standard customized product, so there are many factors that determine the price. If you buy, the salesperson tells you the price without asking anything, then it is very unprofessional. To know accurate price information, the parameters we need to know are: material, size, operating temperature, power, level of surface flatness requirements, with or without insulation layer or junction box, etc. It is recommended that you communicate patiently with the sales staff when purchasing, and comprehensively inspect the product quality, price, testing, and after-sales guarantee, and then choose products with high cost performance.

Second, determine the direction of purchase

1. Determine the temperature. First determine whether the cast aluminum heater can meet your temperature requirements;

2. Determine how to use it. If you have strict requirements on the surface temperature, you can choose a cast aluminum heater.

Third, the use and maintenance of cast aluminum electric heaters

1. First, check whether the on-site power supply voltage is consistent with the rated voltage of the cast aluminum heating plate;

2. For safety reasons, the shell of electrical equipment must be reliably grounded;

3. If the electric heater has not been used for more than three months, it needs to be energized intermittently to dry by itself;

4. Store in a well-ventilated place during storage, and pay attention to moisture and corrosion.