How to choose an electric shower heater?

- Nov 27, 2020-

How to choose an electric shower heater?

1. It is correct to choose electric heater, hot water is the most stable. Today's electric heaters can supply hot and cold water at the same time. Without cold water, hot water cannot come out.

2. If you want the water temperature not to drop quickly, you need to buy a larger one. For two people, it should not be less than 60 liters. After washing by yourself, wait a while to boil the water.

3. As long as the power supply has a good grounding wire, there is no problem with the safety of bathing with electricity. do not worry.

4. Display the water temperature, set the temperature and time to switch the machine. These are basic functions and are all available. The manufacturer is considerate when designing users.

5. Brand selection, it is best to choose a big brand, this is a good choice. These are some of the issues that need to be paid attention to when buying electric heaters, and I hope they can be helpful to everyone. Real security should be eliminated from the source, not an afterthought. Looking at the market, all electric heaters are advocating safety. In fact, the real anti-electricity must start from the design and improve the safety of the structure. Make safety no longer limited to superficial efforts, but truly for the benefit of consumers. The last thing is to understand the safety of the water heater and how many safety protection measures there are. Finally, the issue of after-sales service cannot be ignored.