How to choose a good electric dryer?

- Mar 31, 2020-

In the market, there are too many kinds of electric dryers to choose from. Following are some main points help you to choose a suitable electric dryer.

1. Look at the heating element

At present, it is mainly based on PTC, a specially-made PTC heating element, which has high heating efficiency, that is, power-saving and durable. Adopt multiple safety protection function design, automatic constant temperature, safe and reliable.

2. Look at the power

The power of the dryer is 500-2000, the cost-effective power is 1000, the power is too low, the drying speed is slow, and the power is high and it costs electricity.

3. Look at the shape

Is it a square or a circle? A square takes up a lot of space but carries a large weight. It can also be used as a wardrobe when not in use, which is more practical. Seeing whether it is double-layer or single-layer, the space utilization ratio of the double-layer is higher than that of the single-layer, of course, the bearing weight is also greater.

4, see the maximum timing range

The timing range is 0-480 minutes, usually, about 100 minutes is sufficient. The larger range is not used. The range is too small and the clothes are not dry. Why? Dry clothes are usually taken out of the water. After drying for a day, they are not very cool, so I use a dryer to save power. So the drying time is not as much as possible. It's 100 minutes.

We hope to choose a suitable electric dryer for yourself.