How to avoid 200ml oil drum explosion

- Feb 24, 2020-

Oil drum is used in oil fuel industry and the 200ml oil drum is standard and popular size.

200L oil drum is a normal pressure container, and it is generally not allowed to fill with air pressure. Especially after filling the air pressure, the pressure of the sun will rise immediately, and then the upper and lower blocks of the barrel will first bulge. If the barrel is filled with volatile gas, it will explode when the pressure is high.


Leakproof measures for oil drums:

1) Make sure that the oil drum has its own suitable cover and is sealed.

2) Regularly inspect the drums for corrosion, bumps, defects, dents, and leaks. Put defective oil drums in separate secondary packaging drums or leak emergency drums.

3) Make sure that the drum and its contents are compatible. For example, don't put acid in ordinary iron buckets or solvents in plastic buckets.

4) Accurately identify waste oil drums.

When in winter, to avoid the oil freeze, the electric silicone rubber heater is used for heating for the oil drum. We supply high quality electric silicone rubber heater with thermostat control, waterproof plug with CE certificate.