How does the electric tubular heater work

- Sep 28, 2020-

How does the electric tubular heater work


The method of using electric heating pipe is relatively simple, but more precautions need us to read the instructions, electric tubular heater can be seen in the field of heating products, the amount of using tubular heater is very large, so safe use, standard use is what we must understand.


Only when we use the electric heating pipe correctly ,the electric heating tube can play its role and extend its service life. When the power is input, the voltage shall not exceed 10% of the rated voltage marked on various electric tubular heater. If you want the electric heating pipe to heat fully, its condition is to make the components to achieve the working conditions of the specified working state. To ensure the stability of the rated voltage. The voltage of heating element specified at design time and marked on the heating element shell. The rated power is the input power specified at design time and marked on the shell.


Calculation formula of power density: length (cm)X width (cm)X0.6~0.65= power.


Generally speaking, the use of electric tubular heating element should follow several principles:

1, Understand the use of electric heating tube’s environment, is the medium conduction or infrared radiation.

2. Select the electric heating pipe with appropriate power and pay attention to the load of power under the premise of ensuring the effective temperature requirements.

3.Understand the use of electric heating elements’ temperature requirements, choose the appropriate power of the electric heating tube, in general, the higher of the power, the faster of the heating, and vice versa.

4. Dry burning is strictly prohibited in water heating tubes, especially in immersion electric heating tubes.

5. Electric tubular heater should pay special attention to the environment of heat dissipation effect, divided into still air and flowing air.

6. Fully understand the voltage of electric tube heater, under normal circumstances the voltage of electric heating tube is 220V and 380V.

7. Fully understand the wiring mode of electric heating tube, usually star connection and triangle connection, a single electric heating tube can be connected to 220V or 380V, a plurality of electric heating tube to 380V voltage.

8. Stainless steel heating tube terminal should be kept clean, dry, on the contrary will reduce insulation performance and be short-circuited breakdown, if used in chemical corrosion, flammable, explosive and other liquid or gas environment,the wiring part of the heating tube should be with insulation sealing, in order to prevent accidents.