How can Electric Heaters Avoid Scaling

- May 26, 2020-

First of all, when choosing the specifications and models of electric heaters, it is recommended to consider and choose according to your actual needs. You should choose quartz glass electric heating pipes with larger diameters as much as possible, especially in places where is hard water, which are more likely to appear the scaling, and the quartz glass electric heating tube will not easily adsorb impurities during the heating process, so the scale phenomenon will not easily occur.


Second, choose an extended heating rod, which can effectively extend the service life of its magnesium rod, which can better protect the inner element of the heating tube, and it is not prone to scaling.


Third, no matter what type and specification of electric heating tube is used, what objects are heated, you should pay attention to the temperature control, too high and too low are not in line with the standard, it will lead to the scaling and reduce the performance of the device with a long time, so we must pay attention to the temperature control during the use of the electric heater.