Home appliance electric oven knowledge

- Feb 27, 2020-

Do you know what is a home appliance electric heating oven consists of and how it works?

The electric oven is mainly consist of a metal box, an electric heating element, a thermostat, a timer, and a power adjustment switch. The electric heating appliance for baking food by using the radiant heat emitted by the electric heating element. According to the different needs of the baked food, the temperature of the electric oven can generally be adjusted in the range of 50-250 ° C. The power range is controllable from 500W to 1800W. With it we can make Pizza, roast chicken, roast duck, baking bread, pastries and more. For mid-to-high-end microcomputer-type electric ovens, temperature sensors, weight sensors, humidity sensors, and microprocessors can be used to automatically select the best baking mode according to the baking program entered in advance, so that the baking process is optimized and automated.

Then how an electric oven works?

The heating method of the electric oven can be divided into three types: surface fire (heated by the upper heater), bottom fire (heated by the lower heater), and simultaneous heating up and down. And most of the large ovens adopt the baking method of hot air circulating in the box, which has high thermal efficiency and saves energy. Hot air circulation oven is suitable for many fields such as pharmaceutical, chemical, food, agricultural and sideline products. Of course, for ordinary families, the main function of the electric oven is still used for cooking.