Heating elements of instant water heater

- Feb 29, 2020-

               Heating elements of instant water heater


The instant water heater can be divided to 2 kinds of heater, electric instant water heater and gas instant water heater, regarding of the energe it uses.

Gas instant water heater is easy to know. It is simple whic is using gas to make the water instantly heated. While electric instant water heater is using electric.

The instant electric water heater is a type of water heater that can quickly heat flowing water through electronic heating components, and can control the water temperature, flow rate, power, etc. through the circuit to make the water temperature reach the temperature suitable for human body bathing. Instant heat, no need to wait, usually start heating in seconds.

Because of different heating elements materials components, there are different types heating parts, such as electric tubular heating element, electric PTC water heating element, thick film heater, quartz heating element.

With the development of electric heating technology and the continuous adoption of new materials, non-metal heating technology has been successfully used in electric water heaters. It is understood that a non-metallic heating element is a non-metallic tube made of non-metallic materials, which is attached to a layer of heating material (electric heating film) by high-temperature sintering or normal temperature painting or printing. Because non-metals are natural insulating materials, hydropower achieves a complete and complete separation: its stable physical properties do not chemically react with calcium ions in the water to produce scale.