General Introduction about Mainly Band Heaters

- Oct 12, 2020-

General Introduction about Mainly Band Heaters


Working Principle

High frequency high current flow to a heating coil that is wound in a band or other shape (usually made of red copper tubing). Thus, a strong magnetic beam with instantaneous change of polarity is generated in the coil. If the heated object, such as metal, is placed in the coil, the magnetic beam will run through the whole heated object, and a large eddy current will be generated in the interior of the heated object in the opposite direction to the heating current. Because of the resistance in the heated object, a lot of Joule heat is produced, which causes the object itself to rise rapidly in temperature. To achieve the purpose of heating all metal materials.


Purpose of electric heating band

1. Heat treatment: local or overall quenching, annealing, tempering and diathermy of various metals.

2. Thermal forming: whole piece forging, local forging, hot heading, hot rolling.

3. Welding: brazing of all kinds of metal products, welding of all kinds of cutting tools and blades and saw blades, welding of steel pipes and copper pipes, welding of the same and different kinds of metals.

4. Metal smelting: (vacuum) smelting, casting forming and evaporation coating of gold, silver, copper, iron, aluminum and other metals;5. Other applications of high-frequency heating machine: semiconductor single crystal growth, thermal matching, bottle mouth thermal sealing, dental paste thermal sealing, powder coating, metal implantation plastic.


Classification of heating band

Stainless steel ceramic heating band

High-temperature ceramic electric heating band is not made by ordinary mica flexible wire, but by ceramic strip threading, so the power of this product is 0.5~1.5 times higher than that of ordinary ones. The heating element is made of imported round wire ceramic, which is twisted into a spring-like ring. The outer cover is made of Japanese stainless steel, and the middle part is made of high-temperature heat-insulating cotton (aluminum silicate fiber board) to prevent temperature leakage. Ceramic strips are high-frequency ceramics with fast heat transfer, hard and not fragile, high temperature deformation is not easy to aging and other characteristics.


Brief performance of ceramic heating band: it is mainly suitable for extrusion, casting and down punch machines with operating temperature up to 450 degrees and maximum surface load of 6.5W/cm. Characterized by long life and high temperature resistance, 30% reduction in energy consumption, high insulation, extruder, injection molding machine, film blowing machine most suitable for electric heating products. Ceramic heating ring with easy installation, fast heat transfer, good insulation. Production is not limited by the size of the model and specifications, and other advantages. High working temperature, fast heating, high thermal efficiency, no pollution, uniform and accurate heating.


The specific advantages are as follows:

1, with winding, such as heating vessel or pipeline, can be bent into arc or circular envelopment and heated on the surface, such as heating large workpiece, can be partially enveloped in the form of cladding, large workpiece can be tiled in the form of covering. In addition, it is suitable for heating workpiece of various geometric shapes.

2. High working temperature, fast heating, high thermal efficiency, no pollution, uniform and accurate heating, automatic control can be achieved.

3. High mechanical strength, good thermal insulation performance, large contact surface with heated object, long service life.

4. Easy installation, maintenance and low cost of use. Even if the internal heating material is damaged, the external ceramic devices can still be reused.


Stainless steel mica heating band

Mica heating band is made of high quality ni-Cr alloy heating wire with natural mica as insulation layer, and the outer layer is made of high quality stainless steel as conduction heating layer. Mica heating band can be machined into rings, plates and various special-shaped products according to customers' requirements. The mica heating band surface normally conforms to 2.5-3 watts per square centimeter. The customer should adopt an automatic temperature control system according to the required power range to maintain the normal power and protect the service life of the heating band. Stainless steel mica electric heating band performance advantages: because the product uses stainless steel and mica as raw materials, the production is not limited by the size of the small size of the nozzle can be used for heating, but also can be used for heating on the plastic machine gun barrel. With reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, stable performance, uniform heating, fast heat dissipation, long service life, good insulation performance, high pressure resistance and other characteristics. Application range of stainless steel mica heating band: widely used in plastic molding machines such as injection molding machines and extruders.


Casting aluminum heating band

Casting aluminum heating band can be divided into die-casting casting and casting casting, casting process is generally used in the occasion of more specifications and sizes. High purity aluminum blocks are used in casting production, which is changed from solid to liquid by a high temperature furnace, and then injected into a mold with a heating tube installed. After cooling and forming, the aluminum blocks are processed and made. The normal thickness of the cast aluminum heating band is 20mm and 25mm, among which the inner wall of the electric heating band with the thickness of 25mm adopts concave and convex air groove structure design, the purpose is to prevent the temperature of the internal heating tube from being too high when using, for example, when the temperature is high, the inner wall can be cooled by wind or cooled by water, so that it can quickly reach the standard temperature of use. At the same time, the heating band is basically made by dividing the circle in half, making two semicircles, and then fixing them by fixing bolts. The temperature measuring space is mainly used for the occasions where temperature signals need to be collected. Usually, holes are opened on the curved surface of the casting aluminum heating band according to its design size to install the thermocouple.


Nozzle Band Heater

The nozzle heater uses nickel/chromium alloy as the heating element, and the alloy wire is evenly distributed on the insulating mica layer. The outer layer is a high-quality stainless steel metal sheath. The heating temperature is up to 450 ° C.



Its basic structure is composed of heating wire, mica, stainless steel (or brass), lead wire.


Technical Feature


The outer stainless steel metal sheath has high temperature oxidation characteristics.

The inner mica still has moisture-proof property and excellent electrical insulation index under high temperature.

The band heater is set with an elastic attachment. The attachment makes nozzle heaters easy to remove. In high temperature, it can effectively bind to the object being heated, improving the nozzle heater's efficiency and increasing its service life.

The clamping belt around the heater can effectively reduce the thermal expansion of stainless steel and restrain its deformation at high temperature.

The nozzle heater uses nickel/chromium alloy as the heating element, and the alloy wire is evenly distributed on the insulating mica layer, so that the heating band has uniform heat distribution and reliable precision.Heating temperature up to 450 ° C;

The standard voltage is 230 volts; Other requirements can be noted;

The heater cable is connected via 2 poles + ground. Cables of standard length of 300 mm; Other length requirements may be noted.


Product Feature

1, High temperature resistant mica plate, with high temperature resistance, good insulation performance advanced characteristics.

2, High temperature resistance wire, with fast heat dissipation, heat uniform, high temperature resistance and other characteristics.

3. High quality copper material has the characteristics of fast heat conduction, fast heat dissipation, high temperature resistance and no burning phenomenon with the temperature up to 600℃.

4. Fully sealed production has special effects on injection molding machine nozzle with serious leakage of glue.

5, Long service life, can save the replacement times, improve the work efficiency.

6. Technical parameters: ambient temperature -20~+60 ℃, relative humidity less than 80%.

7. Leakage current is less than 0.5mA. This product should be used under the specified voltage.We recommends the use of transformers to avoid affecting the life of the products.