Features and precautions of melt-blown non-woven fabric heater

- May 10, 2020-

The production process of the melt-blown non-woven fabric is that the compressed air output by the air compressor passes through the dehumidification and filtration, and then enters the electric air heater. After heating to the set process temperature, it is transmitted to the melt-blown die head assembly.


1. Fast heating and cooling rate, stable control and smooth heating curve.

2. Adopt high-efficiency electric heater and temperature control method with high precision and small temperature deviation.

3. With over-temperature alarm, anti-dry burning, pressure protection and other functions, the heater has a long service life.

4. Stable performance: The heating element is made of special alloy material, which has good mechanical properties and strength under the impact of high-pressure air flow, suitable for continuous heating for a long time

5. The power of a single unit ranges from 2KW to 2000KW and can be customized as required.

Matters needing attention for melt-blown non-woven fabric heater:

1. The heater control part is a precision instrument. It should be handled with care during transportation. Impact and bumping are strictly prohibited.

2. The cylinder part should be properly hoisted to avoid deformation and damage to the internal heating elements.

3. The heater and control cabinet are placed in the warehouse, and it is strictly prohibited to rain.