Engineering design of stainless steel thick film heater in tea maker

- Dec 07, 2020-

Engineering design of stainless steel thick film heater in tea maker

First of all, the thick film heating element adopts SUS444 stainless steel substrate tube, which has high corrosion resistance and the material meets the requirements of drinking water hygiene and safety. The heating tube of the tea maker is equipped with a variety of circuit protection measures, which can ensure that the personal safety of consumers will not be threatened under extreme conditions. The power density of the stainless steel thick film heating module is 5-10 times that of the conventional heating body, the power density is as high as 60-200W/cm, and the heating efficiency can reach more than 98%. The barrel-shaped structure of the tubular thick film heating element is a natural fluid heating container, and the volume is smaller than other heating bodies, which greatly improves the space utilization rate and facilitates the structural engineering design and mass assembly production of water appliances.


Secondly, during engineering design, a high-precision temperature sensor is installed at the water outlet, combined with advanced electronic control procedures to achieve precise temperature control. The water supply can be adjusted, and the water can be discharged at different temperatures and different flows according to this, which can meet the requirements of various tea brewing in terms of functional use.

As mentioned above, the thick film has high heating efficiency and fast temperature rise, which can shorten the brewing time of tea. The power density is high, and under the same power, the volume is smaller than other types of traditional heating elements such as quartz tubes and heating wires.