Electric Heating Elements Used On Food Industry

- Oct 12, 2020-

Electric heating elements are an important part of the foodservice industry. They play important roles at all points in the industry, from farm to table. Electric heaters aid in all aspects from food processing, to the service industry where they offer space heating and cleaning.

Electric Heating in the Kitchen Appliance Industry
Electric heaters are essential in the kitchen appliance industry. Tubular elements make it possible to maintain food groups at specific temperatures. Steam tables use screw plug immersion heaters with standard mechanical thermostats. These allow them to maintain higher temperatures for food preparations.Stainless steel utility stands have tubular elements fastened onto the mainframe. These are supported with fittings that help maintain solid structural support. As well, this makes it easy to maintain, repair or replace elements when necessary.

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Cold buffet tables and food bars need to stay in their food safe temperature zone. Electric heating offers reliable, accurate temperature control. For salad bars, condiments and other cold buffet table uses, stainless steel screw plug heaters are a popular option. They are installed horizontally to offer even heat distribution within the heated area.Equipment storage cabinets use tubular heating elements that are fastened along the wall of the cabinet. These radiate heat along heated racks to maintain required temperatures. This type of heating is also often used in restaurant patios to provide comfortable heating for guests.

Sanitation is an essential aspect of the foodservice industry. Electric industrial heating elements play a critical role. They are commonly employed in dishwashers and steam cleaning processes. This keeps food and equipment safe, sanitary, and compliant.

Other Uses in the Food Industry
Other pieces of equipment that often use Jaye Industry heating elements include:
• Supermarket equipment
• Worktables
• Equipment stands
• Heated units for hotels and cabinets and racks

Application of electric heating in food processing

Using electric heating and using the traditional heat exchanger, the heating germicidal food, cooking germicidal food and frozen food are completely different. The utility of electric heating lies in the development of products that can maintain the flavor, aroma and freshness of food to the greatest extent.

1. Application in liquid food

Electric heating is characterized by rapid and uniform heating, which can carry out high precision sterilization within ±015℃ in a very short time, and can well maintain the original color, aroma and taste of food materials. At the same time, sake, real estate beer and 100% original fruit juice and other products in Japan are made use of abundant raw materials and special products in the producing area, and the production scale is small, so it is not suitable to choose plate sterilization devices like dairy industry and beverage industry. Instead, electric heating can be used as sterilization devices for these regional products. Sake and local beer are hobby drinks, which must be kept to a minimum during the heating process. The development of electrified heating device in the process of brewing and sterilizing will greatly improve the production efficiency and quality.

2. Application in semi-liquid food

For some convection-heat transfer difficult high viscosity food, as long as the conductivity is good, can be used to heat sterilization, will not cause the destruction of food materials caused by stirring tissue, heat loss, in a short period of time can be uniform heat sterilization, to the maximum extent to maintain the freshness of food materials. Tomato paste, fruit grain of yoghurt, spices, liquid whole eggs or egg, jam, etc., due to its high viscosity, using the traditional convection heating is difficult, and the use of high precision temperature control, the heating of high viscosity material has the potential of electric heating, can make the color change small, high freshness and shelf life of food.

3. Application in solid-liquid mixed food

Even in poor thermal conductivity, difficult to form the convection heat transfer of solid-liquid mixed food, as long as the conductivity of the liquid and the same phase, the use of electricity heating can be achieved in a short period of time is homogenous sterilization effect, maintain solids original freshness and flavor, suitable for a fruit juice, green beans, mushrooms canned vegetables, etc.

4. Application in food thawing
In frozen food materials, not all water turns to ice. Between 10% and 15% of the water is still in liquid form. Due to the solute redistribution effect of the material during freezing, this water exists in the form of higher concentration solution, which provides the possibility of electric heating. When an alternating electric field is applied at both ends of the frozen material, the current passes through the inside of the