Design of Electric Heating Tube for Water Tank

- May 12, 2020-

When it needs high power, please consider the following points:

(1) It needs to determine the total length of the heating zone of the electric heating tube.

(2) Determine the length of the electric heating tube of the water tank after forming according to the size of the water tank and the installation method. According to this length, it is confirmed that several U-shaped pipes need to be fixed on the flange.

(3) Confirm the size of the flange according to several U-shaped tubes. If it is 3 U-shaped tubes, you can use a threaded flange or a flat flange. Generally, it is suitable to use more than 3 U-shaped flat flanges.

(4) Generally, there will be one, two or three U-shaped tubes, we need to consider the wiring method.

(5) For safety, the high-power electric heating pipes of water tanks will have control cabinets to control temperature and leakage protection.