Design and Selection of Electric Heater

- Apr 29, 2020-

Linear Wire design heater:
The linear electric heater is suitable for heating and heat preservation of pipeline equipment. When installing, the strip-shaped electric heater is fixedly laid on the outer wall of the pipeline and the equipment, tightly fixed and fixed. The wire terminal fixes the electric heater indicator in a prominent position. The electric heater indicator has an electric heater working indicator light. When the heater is working, the green light is always on, and when it is not working, the green light is off. The temperature controller displays the set temperature and actual temperature by the digital tube, and realizes the temperature regulation and remote communication through the integrated circuit board, so as to ensure the temperature monitoring of the electric heater in production and ensure the stable operation of the electric heater and equipment.

Rod design heater selection:
The electric heater consists of a rod-shaped alloy metal rod with a length of 5m and a diameter of 30mm. The resistance wire is wrapped in it. The four-wire wiring is used to connect it to the wall of the reaction tower through a flange, and then connected to the control by a multi-core wire and a clip Cabinet, every six electric heating rods are controlled by a control cabinet to control the temperature. The number of electric heating rods is determined according to the requirements of use. When in use, insert the electric heating rod into the reaction tower to make it tight to the tower wall, and add a PTFE gasket to ensure a tight connection with the tower wall. Tighten the flange screws to ensure that the connection is intact and there is no leakage. The heating power of the electric heater is controlled by the control cabinet, and the safety of the heating circuit is ensured by the protection circuit.

High-power tubular electric heater:
The high-power tubular electric heater is used to heat the material gas during the reaction of the equipment, so that it can reach the reaction temperature or the appropriate temperature required for production. The tubular high-power electric heater is composed of a tubular electric heating element. This electric heating element is to install the resistance wire in a special sleeve, filled with an electrically insulating material with good thermal conductivity, and let the material or gas flow through the tubular heater. The purpose of heating preheating. The high-power tubular electric heater is composed of a field operating column and a thyristor temperature control cabinet. The control system of the thyristor controls the heating current of the heater, and then the field temperature and set temperature collected by the field sensor By comparison, the temperature control system is balanced to achieve the effect of continuous and stable heating。