​Daily Maintenance of the Pipeline Heaters

- May 25, 2020-

The core part of the heating tube the heating wire. The quality of the heating wire determines the quality of the heating pipe. The resistance of the electric heating tube is unchanged. When connected to different working voltages, there will be different effect of tube power, as does the thermal effect. The appropriate resistance wire should be selected according to the actual situation of the electric heating tube and ensuring normal use.


The items that need to be maintained during the daily use of the pipeline heater are:

1. When the heating medium is liquid or water, please open the water valve during the use process. After the pipeline heater water supply is normal, then turn on the electric. Please be noted that it mustn’t be heated under the empty conditions, otherwise it is easily damaged.


2. When the working medium is ordinary water, the heater needs to be drawn out after two months of use to clean the scale on the surface of the heating pipe.


3. The pipeline electric heater, especially the control part, is a precision instrument. It should be handled with care during transportation. Impact and bumping are strictly prohibited. The barrel part should be carefully hoisted to avoid deformation and damage to the internal heating elements. The pipeline electric heater and control cabinet are placed in the warehouse, and don’t be rained.