Components of the Circuit

- Jun 02, 2020-

Some customers are not very familiar with the basic knowledge of some electricity. Today we will tell you what a complete circuit consists of.


The components of the circuit generally have a power supply, a load, and connecting wires.


Power supply: It is an indispensable device for outputting electrical energy in the circuit, and the circuit cannot work without it. Usually it uses in dry cells, solar cells, generators, etc., they can convert chemical energy, mechanical energy, light energy and other energy into electrical energy.


Load: The load is also an indispensable basic component of the circuit. It is usually called electrical equipment, such as electric lights, electric motors, electric kettles, televisions, etc. They can convert electrical energy into light energy, heat energy, mechanical energy, etc. For example: heating tube is a kind of load.


Connection wire: Used to transmit and distribute electrical energy. Without him, a circuit cannot be formed, and the switch belongs to the wire.