Comparison of Stainless Steel Heating Tube and Quartz Heating Tube

- Aug 04, 2020-

Characteristics of quartz heating tube:

First, it does not require far-infrared coating and has good absorption characteristics, long-term use, the radiation performance will not degrade, and it has extremely high efficiency in electrothermal conversion.

Second, the working temperature of the quartz heating tube is high, the maximum temperature resistance can reach 800℃, and it has wide selection range.

Third, the quartz heating tube has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, faster heating, and low thermal inertia. In addition, stable thermochemical properties, and the service life is relatively long as the stainless steel electric heating tube. The strength is excellent.

Fourth, it will not cause any pollution during use, and it is a product that conforms to the concept of environmental protection and energy conservation in modern life.

Fifth, convenient and fast overall manufacturing and installation process, and it is also relatively stable and safe in later use.


Characteristics of stainless steel electric heating tube:

First, the size is relatively small, but the power is large. Such a stainless steel electric heating tube uses a clustered tubular heating element inside, and the power can be exerted to a larger one.

Second, the thermal response of this heating element is very fast, and it is excellent in terms of temperature control accuracy and overall thermal efficiency.

Third, the scope of application is relatively wide, and it has super adaptability in many environments.

Fourth, the heating temperature of the stainless steel electric heating tube is relatively high. Generally, the maximum working temperature of the electric heating tube design of this kind of material can basically be maintained at 850℃. It can be said that this is a very high temperature, and many other heating elements cannot reach.

Fifth, the electric heating tube on the market now adopts fully automatic control, and the output temperature, flow, pressure and other parameters can be automatically controlled.

Sixth, this kind of stainless steel electric heating tube adopts multiple protections, and the performance of the material on the machine is special, and the service life is long, and the later period is stable and reliable.