Common problems of silicone Rubberl heating plate

- Apr 21, 2020-

1: How to deal with the damage of silica gel heating plate?

Need to check the extent of damage, such as the damage area is not large, just a small hole, can be repaired in use.

2: Can the heater be used in water?

Silica gel heating plate can not be directly immersed in water (except for special waterproof heating plate).

3: Can the heating plate be cut freely?

The heating plate after manufacturing cannot be cut.

4: Power density of heating element.

In various applications, 0.6-0.8w/cm2 is the most common power density.

Test items

1. Insulation resistance: ≥ 5 m Ω (to prevent leakage).

2. Breakdown voltage: whether it reaches 20-50kv / mm.

3. Compressive strength: 1500V / 5S.

4. Power accuracy: ± 2% ~ ± 5%.