Common problems of silicone heating pads

- Feb 01, 2021-

Common problems of silicone rubber heater pads

1. What temperature can the silicone rubber heater pad be heated?

 The operating temperature range of the silicone heater pad is between low temperature -50°C and high temperature 250°C. The voltage can be customized according to user requirements, and the high power density is 12W/cm2. The insulating silicone electric heating plate core has two kinds of high resistance alloy wire and metal foil. The electric heating core made of metal foil can make the heating plate withstand high power density and has excellent rapid heating function.


2. What should I do if the silicone rubber heater pad is damaged?

You need to check the degree of damage. If the damaged area is not large, it is just a small hole, which can be repaired and used.

3. Can the silicone rubber heater pad be used in water?

Silicone heating pads cannot be used directly soaked in water (except for special waterproof heating pads).

4. Can the silicone rubber heater pad be cut freely?

The finished heating pad cannot be cut.

5. The power density of the silicone heating pad.

In various applications, 0.6~0.8W/cm² is the most common power density.