Characteristics of quartz tube​

- Jan 04, 2021-

Characteristics of quartz tube

Quartz tube as a kind of glass tube is different from ordinary glass tube, which has excellent properties and is the insulating material of quartz heating element. So what are the characteristics of quartz tube making it popular in heating element?  

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1. The quartz tube will not be scratched


The quartz content of the quartz tube is as high as 93%, and the quartz crystal is a natural mineral whose hardness is second only to diamond in the natural world. Its surface hardness is as high as 7-8 degrees Mohs, which is widely higher than the hardness of individual ironware. Iron tools such as shovel and steel wire balls cannot be scratched or worn. In some cases, you can put a variety of household items on the table (but pay attention to avoid using high-hardness items such as diamonds, sandpaper, and cemented carbide. Scratch the countertop). This is the strength that the cabinet countertop materials on the market do not have. It can be said that quartz tube countertops have no after-sales service. We advocate "no after-sale service is the best service for customers."


2. Quartz tube is not damaged when hot


The base material of diamond countertops is mainly natural quartz crystal. Quartz crystal is a typical refractory material. The melting point of quartz is as high as 1300C. After a large number of composite materials are added, the surface of the quartz tube still has a relatively high resistance to high temperature. Low temperature, no deformation, no warping on the surface, the hot coke residue from the hot pan or the bottom of the pan will not melt, discolor or burst in a short time, and will not be damaged by the hot water or oil splashes from the pan. It is currently the best temperature-resistant countertop material except stainless steel. Some ordinary resin board natural stone countertops are often scalded by cigarette butts and coke slag from the bottom of the pot. The quartz tube countertops have the ability to resist these scalding and maintain the durable brightness of the countertops.


3. The quartz tube is pollution-free


The quartz tube contains a variety of composite materials and ultrafine quartz powder, which ensures that the material has a high degree of non-porous structure. The surface and external structure of the plate are also dense and uniform. The water absorption rate is low, and the uniformity is only 0, 03%. It means that there is no soaking scene on the basis of the material. The oil, sauce, vinegar, red wine, strong tea, juice, coffee, acid, alkali and other materials used in individual kitchens cannot be soaked, as long as you can use water or medium after each use. Sex detergent cleans the countertop, there will be no traces of liquid on the countertop, and the stubborn residue can be removed only by using a cleaning agent, etc., will not soak to the outside of the material, and stick to the countertop or inside the corner. Dirt can also be removed with a shovel or steel wool. The stain resistance of this product is unmatched by other materials.


4. The quartz tube will not fade


Although the color components of the quartz tube are artificially formulated, the material is mainly mineral pigments, and the materials contain high-quality compounding agents and low-cost anti-aging (UV) enhancers, which make it have strong anti-aging ability And anti-fading ability, it will not fade the color and gloss due to oxidation, aging, erosion, contact with hot objects, etc. during the temporary daily use of the indoor life. If you don't perform the year-round part of the contrast under strong sunlight, it is difficult to observe the color change with the naked eye, and it can be regarded as a non-fading material based on it.


5. Quartz tube is non-toxic and non-radiation


The color of diamond is mainly caused by mineral pigments. The raw material before it is artificially decomposed is granular. After strict ore beneficiation, ore washing and impurity purification, it does not contain heavy metal impurities, so there is no sprayability problem. It is certified by the national building materials It is a non-toxic and sanitary material that can indirectly contact food.


6. Quartz tube is cost-effective


Although the price of quartz glass tube products is relatively high on the outside, when you carefully calculate the account, you find that it is not cheap. It has the characteristics of one-time investment and permanent use, once and for all.

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