Characteristics of Heat Transfer Mug Baking Heater

- Apr 06, 2020-

Mug Baking Heaters are an important part of the heat transfer equipment. The size of the baking coasters determines the size of the cups that can be baked. Generally, a baking machine can be equipped with several baking coasters, so that a variety of cups can be baked.


The heating pad adopts special ultra-precision wire tube technology, which can effectively ensure the balance and stability of the temperature. There are suitable for ordinary type cup roasting machine, intelligent cup roasting machine and multi-function cup roasting machine.

According to the size and shape of the cup, there are conical baking coasters, straight baking coasters, baking caps and baking trays, which can be customized according to the size of the guests.

Small baking coaster transfer size: 6.5-8CM

Large baking coaster transfer size: 7.5 — 11.5CM

When changing the roast coaster, simply unscrew the screw on the roaster and install a new one.