Characteristics & Application of PTC Materials

- May 05, 2020-

PTC is a semiconductor ceramic component with a positive temperature coefficient. Its main representative materials are barium titanate series. It is an organic compound. It is made into various shapes and specifications of heating elements by molding and high temperature sintering. In the application of PTC components, as long as the AC or DC power supply is added to the two chip ends, the rated heating temperature can be obtained.


Taking barium titanate semiconductor ceramics as an example, when the temperature is below 100 ℃. It has the characteristics of ordinary semiconductors. That is, when the conductor temperature rises by a certain value from the beginning, the resistance decreases, which is a negative temperature coefficient. And when the temperature rises again to a range above 100 ℃. Its resistance rises sharply with increasing temperature, which shows a strong positive temperature coefficient characteristic.


Application examples of PTC heating elements

- The electric heating element in the PTC constant temperature electric iron is a PTC element, which is composed of 10 PTC elements connected in parallel.

- PTC automatic constant temperature rice cooker. The PTC element replaces the bimetal constant temperature control switch in the automatic constant temperature rice cooker.