Characteristics and application fields of ceramic heating plate

- Oct 02, 2019-

The characteristics of the ceramic heating plate are as follows: The ceramic heating plate has the advantages of convenient installation, high temperature resistance, fast heat transfer, good insulation, and production without being restricted by models and specifications. The ceramic heating plate is made of stainless steel skin. The ceramic with high insulation and fire resistance is put on the resistance wire, and then it is made by mechanical twisting. It can be used after connecting the power. Relaxation of makeup, compressing face, rheumatism, joint pain. In addition to the warmth of the room, it is also very good for sitting in the office and the feet of the employees who are cold and sore.

The ceramic heating plate adopts the honeycomb ceramic heater element latest foreign technology, not afraid of water and acid and alkali; the use voltage is 12V-380V, power 50W-2000W. The ceramic plate is used for heating, no red light, no burning, fast heating, 30 seconds The temperature can rise to 500 ℃, and the unknown fire below 500 ℃ does not consume oxygen, does not oxidize, does not dry the mouth and tongue, can deodorize and keep the indoor air fresh.

The thermal efficiency can reach more than 90%, which is 1.5 times that of PTC heaters, and it is twice that of traditional electric wire heaters, which can save 30% of energy and electricity expenses. The ceramic heating plate can radiate far infrared rays and radiant heat, and its emissivity is as high as 91%. There is no surge current at startup, and the temperature can be kept constant. Does not burst in water, resistant to acid and alkali, suitable for use in harsh environments. Ceramic heating plates have a wide range of applications. Ceramic heating plates can be used for drying and heating systems used in almost all kinds of industrial production, processing and surface treatment.

The far-infrared ceramic heating plate is based on the international advanced technology guidelines, plus years of research and results. It has the characteristics of high technology content, good overall performance, cleanliness, convenient assembly, acid and corrosion resistance, safe use and long life. It can be widely used in vacuum blistering, food baking, medical and health, and other infrared drying baking, curing and other occasions. It has ideal energy-saving effects in electronic textiles, light industry, electromechanical chemical industry, medical treatment, food and other industries. Social and economic benefits.