Buying ceramic heaters

- Oct 03, 2019-

Ceramic heater is a kind of heater with high efficiency and uniform heat division. The metal alloy with excellent thermal conductivity is used to ensure uniform hot surface temperature and eliminate hot and cold points of equipment. There are two types of ceramic heaters: PTC ceramic heaters and MCH ceramic heaters. It has the advantages of long life, good thermal insulation performance, strong mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and anti-magnetic field. Widely used in aquarium fish tank heating, high-temperature heating stoves, semiconductor engineering, glass, ceramics and wire engineering ceramic heaters.

It must have certain thermal insulation conditions and should not have excessively large vents; it should not be used to open doors and windows to avoid excessive heat loss. Do not let water and other liquids get on the heater, otherwise it will cause damage to the heating element, short circuit and leakage. Buy famous brand products from well-known companies. These companies have better product quality and reliable maintenance service guarantee. When looking at the product identification, the specification, type, and trademark of the product should be shared with the instructions.

There should be a national compulsory certification mark (that is, the 3C mark), the name of the manufacturer, the certificate of inspection of the product, and the code of compliance. If you need to directly heat the human body or part of the space, you can choose a radiant heater; if you need to heat the entire indoor space, you can choose a convection heater to warm each room with natural convection or forced convection circulating hot air .

Yuba, quartz tube heaters and halogen tube heaters using tungsten light bulbs (or alloy electric heating wires) as heat sources are classified as visible radiation radiators. During operation, bright and dazzling light will cause unnecessary light pollution and affect nighttime sleep. It is not suitable for use in the bedroom; it is not suitable for use in the bathhouse because the quartz and halogen glass tubes are easy to burst when they encounter cold water.