Briefly introduce the structure and accessories of finned type electric tubular heater

- Aug 07, 2020-

Finned electric tubular heater is a kind of energy consumption converted into heat energy to heat the materials to be heated. The finned electric tubular heater is wound with metal heat sink on the surface of common element. Compared with the common element, the heat dissipation area of the finned electric tubular heater is 2-3 times larger than that of the common element, that is, the surface power load allowed by the finned element is 3-4 times that of the common element. In the work, the low-temperature fluid medium enters its input port under the pressure through the pipeline, along the special heat exchange channel inside the electric heating vessel, using the path designed by the principle of fluid thermodynamics, takes away the high-temperature heat energy generated in the work of the electric heating element, so that the temperature of the heating medium is increased, and the high-temperature medium required by the process is obtained at the outlet of the finned electric tubular heater.


Composition and structure of finned electric tubular heater: the finned electric heating tube is made of high-quality stainless steel, modified oxide powder, high resistance electric thermal alloy wire, stainless steel heat sink and other materials. It is made by production equipment and technology, and has strict quality control. The finned electric heating pipe can be installed in the blowing pipe or other static and flowing air heating occasions. Characteristics and application of finned electric heat pipe: the internal control system of finned electric heat pipe automatically adjusts the output power of finned electric heat pipe according to the temperature sensor signal at the output port, so as to make the medium temperature of the output port even. Under the same power conditions, it has the advantages of fast heating, uniform heating, good heat dissipation performance, high thermal efficiency, long service life, small volume of heating device and low cost. According to the requirements of users, the design is reasonable and easy to install. Finned heat pipe is widely used in industry, chemical industry, machinery manufacturing, automobile, textile, food, household appliances and other industries, especially in the air conditioner air curtain industry.

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Small volume, high heating power, high surface power, 2-4 times of air heating surface load. It can be used in various occasions, such as high density, compact structure, etc. Because of its short and dense structure, it has good stability and does not need bracket for installation. 3. Select imported and domestic high-quality materials, scientific production technology, strict quality management, to ensure the superior electrical performance of the electric heating tube. The temperature can reach 720 ℃ through DCS, including electric heating system;

Long service life, multiple protection system, safe and reliable. The combination type mostly adopts argon arc welding method to connect the electric heating pipe with the flange, and can also use the form of fastening device, that is, each electric heating pipe is welded with fasteners, and then it is locked with the flange cover by nut, and the pipe and fastener are welded by argon arc, which will never leak. The scientific technology is adopted in the sealing part of the fastener, and it is very convenient to replace the single fastener, which greatly saves the maintenance cost in the future.