Basic introduction of pipe heater sewage treatment heater

- Jun 25, 2020-

The heating element is made of stainless steel pipe as the protective sleeve, high temperature resistance alloy wire, crystal magnesia powder, and formed by compression process. The control part is made of * * digital circuit, integrated circuit trigger, high back pressure thyristor and other adjustable temperature measurement and constant temperature system, which ensures the normal operation of the electric heater

The pipeline heater is a kind of energy-saving equipment which can heat materials in advance. Before the material equipment, it can realize the direct heating of materials and make them circularly heat in high temperature. The pipeline heater is composed of multi branch electric heating elements, simplified body, guide plate and other parts. The tubular electric heating element is to put high temperature and high resistance wire in the metal tube, fill the gap part tightly with crystalline magnesia powder with good insulation and thermal conductivity, and use the tubular electric heating element as the heating element. The cylinder body is equipped with various guide classes, which can make the gas and liquid evenly heated in the circulation.0