Attention should be paid to the external environment factors when using the cast aluminum heater

- Aug 07, 2020-

Cast aluminum heater is essentially a kind of heating equipment. It adopts imported resistance wire, has anti electricity function, high safety factor, exquisite product design, strict processing, high heating efficiency, and can save energy and avoid waste of resources. It is a kind of product that makes people feel at ease.

The use and maintenance of the product should first check whether the external power supply and the product assembly match. If not, it is necessary to find another power supply for the cast aluminum heater. During the assembly process, the grounding must be set and the equipment shell should be connected to the ground to avoid electric leakage. The user needs to keep the product for a quarter and then use it. After heating for a period of time, the product will be shut down to make the product rest. The product should be protected from moisture in advance.


In the special industrial heating tools, the cast aluminum heater is a very important high-quality product type, which is convenient for people to use in real life. Its professional characteristics also have special excellent quality, which can guarantee the high heating efficiency, which is an important functional feature.

The product of cast aluminum heater has strong function, good heating effect, high efficiency and rapid temperature rise. It can provide the most efficient and guaranteed heating equipment for the practical needs of industrial production, ensure that industrial production can be carried out in the most appropriate temperature, and also has high production efficiency and product quality. It is a good industrial special heating equipment.

Cast aluminum heater mainly uses the power supply to convert electric energy into heat energy, which generates a lot of heat. These heat will raise the ambient temperature, thus increasing the heat effect. When the parts are used, the voltage should be controlled within a certain range, and the maximum voltage should not exceed one tenth of the specified voltage.

When assembling the cast aluminum heater, the assembly personnel need to place the wiring part reasonably. The wiring part is located between different levels, generally between the heating level and the insulation level. The equipment shell should be connected with the ground surface. The parts should be placed in a dry place. If it is placed for a long time, the parts should be baked in the oven for about 6 hours.