Are flat metal heaters safe?

- Dec 15, 2020-

Are flat metal heaters safe?


First of all, the electric heating film heating sheet is designed in accordance with the electrician and electrical standards when designing, whether it is the heating wire or the wiring part, there is a certain creepage distance;

Secondly, the insulating material used in the heating plate, whether it is PET, polyimide, silicon rubber, or mica, has a good insulating effect. The electrical strength is tested: 1500V/1min5mA, no flashover phenomenon, Insulation resistance: ≥5 MΩ. Therefore, there is no leakage phenomenon;

Third, use different insulating materials for different environments and different temperatures. When customers inquire, please indicate the working temperature;

Fourth, the insulating materials used in the production of the heating plate are made of high temperature and high pressure to ensure that the heating wire will not be exposed within the use temperature range;

Fifth, the heating plate design power according to the temperature, the heating wire inside the finished heating plate will adjust its own power according to the temperature, and a thermostat can also be installed for double protection.

Through the above analysis, the heating plate is safe to use, and its surface heating and uniform temperature characteristics will be more and more popular.