Application of thick film heating technology in water dispenser

- Jun 29, 2020-

The heating core adopts stainless steel thick film heating tube, which can effectively guarantee the safety quality of drinking water. On the one hand, it has a high power density, and the heating rate of boiling water is extremely fast, and can boil out water in a few seconds; on the other hand, it does not need to repeatedly boil water and keep warm, reducing the production of nitrite.

With multiple anti-drying protection, it is safe to use. Several major electronic components such as water level, float, sensor, thermistor, and jump thermostat are combined. When there is a lack of water, it will be reminded intelligently. There are different codes for overtemperature display, which makes the user experience safer and more intelligent.


The heating element of the water dispenser adopts stainless steel thick film heating pipe, and the heating part adopts the design of the pipeline, which can make the water flow be heated in the pipeline fluidly, and it is heated to the required temperature at the outlet, to prevent the repeated heating of drinking water in the heater, to avoid Thousands of water is produced to prevent the growth of other impurities and bacteria and achieve healthy drinking water.

The power density of the stainless steel thick film heating tube produced by JAYE is more than 5 times that of the conventional heater, the power density can reach 60-250W/cm, and the heating efficiency can reach more than 98%.

Secondly, the heater is supplemented by a high-precision electronic control program, combined with temperature sensors, thermistors, thermostats and other electronic components, which can effectively achieve the effect of precise temperature control, plus the dual power design of the heating tube The cost of the control is reduced, and the heating efficiency of the heating tube is fully utilized to achieve different temperatures.