Application of pressure bearing thick film heater

- Jul 11, 2020-

Pressure bearing type thick film heater is more and more popular. Based on the thick film heater, in order to better meet the various product requirements of customers, Xinxiang Jieda developed a heating body with stainless steel welding interface. This type of heater can bear pressure of 0.8MPa, which is better applied to coffee machine, instant hot water heater, industrial water heating equipment and other products.

The thick film heating device produced by Jaye adopts thick film screen printing process, printing insulating medium, heating resistance, conductor, glass protective glaze and other materials on stainless steel or ceramic substrate, and is sintered at high temperature. It is widely used in household appliances, instruments and equipment. This type of heating device has the following characteristics:

It adopts thick film printing technology, which is mature and reliable;

New material, suitable for printing on stainless steel plate, reliable and stable performance;

The design is flexible, the stainless steel plate is directly used, the shape and size can be determined according to different designs, the power requirement can be more than 3000W, and the power density is 100W / cm2;

It takes only 20 seconds to burn a cup of 250ml water, which is much lower than the traditional heater;

High efficiency and energy saving, up to 70-95%, according to different modes (direct heating or indirect heating); in direct heating mode, it only takes 20 seconds to burn a cup of 250ml water, which is much lower than the heating time of traditional heater 60.

The special coating material makes the heating plate have the advantages of strong corrosion resistance and easy cleaning;

Through 7 layers of ultra-high temperature sintering (850oc), the slurry is tightly combined to form a hard and dense circuit layer, which is not easy to scratch and fall off, and the product has a long service life;

It can be directly welded on stainless steel plate, which is easy to install products. Laser welding technology ensures stable and safe connecting devices;

It has strong insulation effect and can resist 2500V voltage to ensure power safety.

The patented bimetallic sudden jump temperature controller has stable control and a service life of more than 100000 times.

The production process of the product is mature, and the product yield can reach more than 98%.