Advantages of metal heating sheet

- Dec 15, 2020-

Advantages of metal heating sheet

1. The power of the electric heater has high stability, no heat loss, and the heat transfer rate is as high as 98% or more;

2. The internal resistance circuit of the electric heating sheet is composed of iron-chromium or nickel-chromium alloy sheets. The characteristics of these two materials can adjust the resistance according to their own temperature, that is, when the temperature increases by how much, the resistance increases by how much, thereby reducing Power, this is the temperature self-limiting function of the electric heating film, and at the same time, it can be equipped with a temperature control switch and double insurance, which greatly improves the safety hazards in use;


3. The insulating materials used in the heating sheet have high insulation performance, and the internal resistance circuit design can reach various indicators. The finished high-voltage test and insulation resistance test are completely passed and can be used with confidence;

4. The internal resistance circuit of the electric heating plate is embedded, because it has the characteristics of fast temperature rise and fast heat dissipation, so it has a longer service life than traditional electrical components and is not easy to oxidize;

5. It is also more convenient in terms of installation, it is ready to use, does not require too much manpower and material resources, and its thickness is quite thin, almost does not take up any space, greatly reducing the production cost;

6. The thin electric heating sheet is a surface heating source, so the heat does not have a strong burning sensation, and it is more acceptable to users than the dryness or sultry produced by traditional electric heating elements.