Advantages of carbon fiber heating wire

- Dec 03, 2020-

Advantages of carbon fiber heating wire

1. The carbon fiber is a semiconductor heating body, and the metal heating wire uses an alloy conductor as the heating body.

2. The average bending service life of carbon fiber heating wires is higher than that of metal heating wires


3. Disconnected contact will not produce "open flames and fire."


4. During the heating process, the power has zero attenuation.


5. The average service life is more than 10 years. (Under the condition that other auxiliary accessories can work normally) 


6. The heating conductor will not be oxidized in a higher temperature environment.


7. The thread body has good softness and strong tensile strength.

8. Excellent safety performance, no leakage of the insulation layer


9. Compared with power products, the heat conversion efficiency is higher, up to 99%, heating is more efficient and electricity is more energy-saving!


10. During the heating process, it can emit 8um-15um infrared band to improve the selling point of its own products.