About the heater of injection molding machine

- Sep 15, 2020-

About the heater of injection molding machine:

In general, the heating method used in plastic machinery is generally electric heating ring, which is generally made of copper, ceramic, cast copper and cast iron. The electric heating pipe is cast in it, which is generally made into electric heating ring and electric heating block. The thickness is generally about 20 mm or 25 mm, The thickness of 25 mm generally has a convex groove on the inner wall, and the casting heater conducts heat through contact conduction On the cylinder, only the heat close to the inner surface of the barrel is transferred to the barrel, and most of the heat outside is lost to the air, resulting in heat conduction loss, which leads to the rise of the ambient temperature. In addition, the electric heating wire has a disadvantage of low power density, which can not be adapted to some occasions where higher temperature is required.

The electromagnetic heating technology is to make the metal barrel heat itself, and can wrap certain heat insulation materials outside the barrel according to the specific situation, which greatly reduces the heat loss and improves the thermal efficiency. Therefore, the electricity saving effect is very significant, up to 25% - 65%. At present, electromagnetic induction heating technology has been relatively mature, electromagnetic induction heating has a wide range of operating frequency, and the application power is also large.