3D printer‘s problems and solutions

- Apr 08, 2020-

When we use the electric 3D printers, we usually face some problems, following are some problems and solutions for reference. 

  1. The printing stopped abruptly in the middle, the error command contains kill () called or the temperature is uncontrollable

Mostly caused by contact problems with the power supply

Check whether the temperature probe fits the hot bed and nozzle

Check the power connector for poor contact, move the circuit to check if there is a possibility of short circuit.

2. The stepper motor is very hot, and the stepper motor gradually loses steps with printing

The motor is overheated, which is related to the current is too large. Rotate the potentiometer on the stepper motor control module counterclockwise to reduce the output power

3. Stepper motor steps out after updating firmware

Check firmware

4. The printed items are severely interrupted during the printing process

If cura is used to generate gcode, check the set wire diameter and whether the nozzle size is consistent with the actual

5. The size and design of the printed hole are quite different, and the hole is small

The current bottleneck of the 3D printer principle can only be corrected by increasing the design

6. The nozzle is often blocked

If it happens during printing, it is related to the material, just change the brand with better quality

If it happens after printing starts, increase the height of the z-axis and the bottom plate

7. The edges of the printed objects appear wavy

Mostly due to the uneven bending of the Z axis, loosening the relevant fixing screws of the Z axis to readjust, it may also be related to the unevenness of the stepping motor connecting shaft. If the adjustment is invalid, the Z axis screw may be deformed and the Z axis screw needs to be replaced.

8. The printed object is loose and fragile

Reduce the thickness of each layer, generally 0.2mm

9. The Z axis does not come down, the stepper motor often gets stuck

Turn the potentiometer on the drive module clockwise to increase the power

10. The stepper motor has huge noise during printing and large noise

Accelerate the printing speed to a certain extent can be temporarily solved, in this case need to replace the stepper motor