2019 Shanghai Heating technology and Equipment exhibition review

- Feb 25, 2020-

2019 Shanghai Heating technology and Equipment exhibition review

The scale of the last exhibition was 8,000 square meters, bringing together 156 domestic and foreign mainstream electric heating companies and brands (including the event area). Feideyu Oufei Yangtai Three Rings Chongxin Ai Aldith Mobility Chuangxin Umatsu Songliao Celtic Shen Yimingjia Sanshuiyuan Workers Tianshenglong Vitus Fluke Haoxin Xinmao Jiumao Laibao Silver Tin Hepeng Hongke Ruilang Xingtai Hudamai Cartoon Liming Shengrun Miao Xiangyu exhibited nearly 1,300 electric heating products and technologies thick film heating element electric heating alloy thermostat quartz heating element carbon fiber far infrared heating mica heating element temperature instrument heating plate electrician Grade oxidation ball electric heating pipe manufacturing equipment heating wire and cable electric heating cable heating plate ceramic heating element electric heating tube sealing material explosion-proof electric heater hardware accessories electric heating film induction electric heating silicone rubber heating product electric heating equipment electric heating pipe hot runner PTC thermocouple

7589 professional visitors, 278 overseas visitors, nearly 600 bulk purchasing groups Eunseop Lim Daniel, Frias Midea Siemens Bosi Electrolux Danny Ng Ivan Citic Willy sianto Arsal Naqi Haier Domeni boss KONE Elevator Melvin Chuah Atul Verma Jiuyang Supor Walshino Electric Gaurav Navangul Per Kvarnbrin Lanbaoshen Petroleum Giant Wave Center Solar Kelvin Soh Lai Seng He High School Petrochemical China Ordnance Industry Fifth and Third Institute

The on-site transaction value was RMB 93.5 million, and the total value of the intention agreement reached RMB 1.378 billion. Relying on the rich exhibition experience and industry advantages of the CHINA DRYJ operation team, CHINA DRYJ has become the world's first event with the most influential, large-scale, and professional electric heating industry.

Exhibition scope 丨

Electric heating element

Electric (plus) heat pipe, industrial pipe, single-headed pipe, civilian electric heating pipe, double-headed camp, electric heating plate, electric heating film, electric heating belt, electric heating plate, electric heating coil, electric heating rod, PTC electric heating element, thick film heating element, mica electric heating Components, cermet PTC, quartz electric heating tube, carbon fiber electric heating tube, hot runner, mica heater, heat exchanger, ceramic heating element, S heater, silicone rubber heating element, ceramic heating element, induction heating element, ceramic heating Heaters, explosion-proof heaters, far-infrared heating, halogen tubes, finned heat sinks, electric heating cables, hot runner heaters, thermistors, thermocouples, electric heating cores, sealing glue, cast aluminum, copper, phoenix heating Appliances, Teflon heaters, radiators, etc.


Electric heating materials and hardware accessories

Oxidation mold powder, oxidation tube, electric heating wire and electric alloy, thick film heating material, ceramic parts, terminal pin, flange, electric heating casting, rubber plug, epoxy resin, reading rod, copper tube, stainless steel tube, copper-plated iron Camp, aluminum camp, welded pipe, high temperature wire, heating wire and cable, metal emperor, far infrared heating material, light wave heating material, mica heating material, microwave heating material, induction heating material, ceramic heating material, silicone rubber heating material, PTC heating Materials, PC insulation materials, quartz sand, pipes, lead rods, upper and lower plugs, soldering materials, solder paste, electrodes, welding rings, modifier additives, resistance (hot) wires, glass beads (powder), epoxy resin, RTV silicone, silicon oil sand oil, insulator (porcelain beads), glue, cement, flange, connection (plug) wire piece, nut screw sleeve, bolt and screw, powder digging knife, peeling (flat head) knife, bracket, fixing piece, pause Gold, net cover, liner, ball stick, latch, rivet, etc.


Electrothermal manufacturing equipment and machinery

Wire winding machine, powder adding machine, tube shrinking machine, straightening machine, rolling machine, powder filling machine, automatic pipe welding machine, straightening machine, annealing furnace, pipe cutting machine, high frequency annealing machine, peeling (flat head) machine, Powder digging machine, bending machine, spot welding machine, fin winding machine, drawing machine, pipe welding unit, pipe opening machine, terminal press machine, hydraulic shaping equipment, mesh belt furnace, fusion welding machine, pan lathe , Short-circuit annealing machine, marking machine, H-gong code machine, electric oven, electric heating machine, hydrogen arc welding machine, laser welding machine, drying (drying) box, electric furnace, Xuan welding furnace, black (green) furnace, electric heating boiler , Voltage stabilizer, ultrasonic cleaning machine, electric heating equipment accessories, hydraulic press,) middle bed, spray theater, machine, polishing machine, air compressor, marking machine, professional accessories, automation equipment, etc.


Industrial electric heating equipment

Explosion-proof electric heater, electric heat tracing system, hot runner system, electric heating boiler, electric heating oil furnace, electric furnace, oven, electrode oven, resistance furnace, induction furnace, vacuum furnace, electron beam furnace, electric kiln, tin furnace, etc. Industrial electric heating and heat treatment equipment, etc .;


Electric heating appliances

Electric water heater, solar energy, electric hot water faucet, air energy (heat pump) water heater, electric floor heating, air conditioner, refrigerator, drum washing machine, clothes dryer, electric kettle, rice cooker, electric casserole, microwave oven, soybean milk machine, water heater, electric heating cup , Electric cooker, electric cooker, hair dryer, egg cooker, electric pressure cooker, electric cooker, electric hot water bottle, water dispenser, fast heat, electric roaster, coffee machine, hair dryer, hair curler, induction cooker, electric blanket, electric heater , Humidifier, electric oil lamp, water purifier, etc.

Electric heating products

Electric heating belt, heating cable, heating cable, electric heating control simulation, resistance heating, induction heating, arc heating, electron beam heating, infrared heating, medium heating and other heat exchangers, filters, etc .;

Induction electric heating equipment

Electromagnetic heater, electromagnetic heating coil, electromagnetic heating controller, electromagnetic heating control board, electromagnetic induction heating power supply, electromagnetic heating coil, electromagnetic heating energy saving equipment, ultra high frequency, high frequency machine, super audio, intermediate frequency machine, tube high frequency, Thyristor intermediate frequency, melting furnace, fire machine, resistance furnace, mesh belt furnace, Jingwu furnace, box furnace, trolley furnace complete equipment, supporting equipment and accessories, closed cooling tower, chiller;

Testing equipment

Pressure tester, insulation meter, resistance meter, leak meter, temperature tester, * meter, X-ray machine, non-destructive testing, RoHS testing instrument, vernier caliper, dry micrometer, puller, hard gauge, thickness gauge, salt spray test machine , Constant temperature and humidity box, life testing machine, etc.

Temperature control series and related related enterprises

Temperature controller, temperature control component, protector, temperature sensor, thermocouple, thermal resistance, NTC sensor, fuse, temperature fuse, pressure sensor, packing carton, motor, instrumentation, air conditioning accessories, etc.