Why The Quality Of Electric Heating Elements Affects The Quality Of Products

- Mar 30, 2020-

As an electric heating element, the electric heating tube is widely used in various industries and domestic appliances. The quality of the electric heating elements directly affects the quality of the product, so it is necessary to be careful when choosing the electric heating elements, and it is necessary to choose the electric heating element with good quality as much as possible. The following summarizes a set of excellent methods to distinguish the electric heating element, which can help the user to select the electric heating element.       

The material (stainless steel, ceramics, quartz, carbon fiber, titanium, copper, Teflon, etc.) and voltage (actual voltage and input voltage) and power of the single head electric heating pipe shall be determined according to the required temperature; first, the manufacturer and the internal material of the heating pipe shall be inquired before purchase.      

Customers all know that there will be a big difference in the price of heating element, but the appearance is very similar? Why do some old customers choose the ones with relatively high prices instead of the ones with low prices. That's the inner material. The two most important materials are insulating powder and alloy wire. Insulating powder, the poor can use quartz sand, the good can use insulating modified magnesia powder; in addition, alloy wire, generally iron chromium aluminum, can use nickel chromium alloy wire according to the requirements and grade of pipe production. It's just that, a cent, a cent of goods. It is suggested that customers should not be greedy for low price to avoid buying inferior products.